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Physical Assessment
The physical assessment is in the process of being redesigned. The P.A.C.T. will now be utilizing the "Concept2 Rower" for the physical assessment.The time will be based on the gender, age and weight of the applicant. 

The rowing test is designed to determine the overall fitness level of the applicant. Once the scoring matrix design has been completed it will be posted on the P.A.C.T. website.  We recommend the applicant familiarize themselves with the "Concept2 rower" in order to prepare for the test. 

The damper setting on the rower will be set at "5" at the time of the test.

Below is a hyperlink to take you to the "Concept2 rower" website to assist you in your preparation. 

The "Concept2 Rower" is available at many local gyms, recreation centers and fitness facilities. It is highly recommended applicants use this opportunity to better prepare for the test. 

Please refer to the link below to determine the maximum time allowed to complete the exercise.