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How to Prepare
Preparing for the Police Hiring Process
  1. Prepare for every aspect of the hiring process. This includes the initial testing process, interviews, background investigation, etc. Be a standout from the group for the right reason. A narrow margin separates candidates and being prepared can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful candidate. You may not be the best candidate, but you can be the best prepared!
  2. Oral and written communications skills are critical in police work; these are emphasized in the testing process. Make eye contact with interviewers and practice concise, confident answers. Eliminate distracting verbal and physical mannerisms. Communications skills and the ability to establish rapport with an interviewer can be developed through practice.
  3. Read and follow all instructions. Application and background forms must contain all required information. Failure to follow written or verbal instructions reflects poorly on the candidate. Police work demands attention to detail and thoroughness. Sloppy, incomplete, and error-filled paperwork demonstrates the lack of a professional attitude.
  4. Applicants should have knowledge of the duties and demands of the profession. It is a good idea to review the agency and city website, talk to the department’s employees and friends in the profession. The department wants an applicant that is serious about wanting to do the job, and by learning about the profession and the department an applicant demonstrates a desire for the career.
  5. Arrive at all appointments early. Anticipate possible causes for delay. Arriving late affects the entire testing schedule and demonstrates poor time management on the part of the candidate
  6. Dress professionally and conservatively during any interview. Interviewers expect professional, conservative dress, and grooming.
  7. Truthfulness in all areas of the hiring process, be completely truthful in answering any question asked. Untruthfulness in any way will result in disqualification. Being deceptive is the main reason applicants are eliminated from the hiring process! Integrity is the cornerstone of police work.
  8. Demonstrate sincerity, candor, integrity and conviction. People can tell when you are not being yourself!
  9. Know why you want to be a police officer, and how your background, skills, and aptitude indicate success in doing the job. Police departments want to know your capability and potential in doing the job well.
  10. Listen during the interview process. Listen to the questions asked and think before you respond. Formulate a thoughtful, concise answer.